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The word Chakra comes from Hindu Sanskrit, meaning “spinning wheel of light.” Chakras are major energy centers that coincide with nerve centers in your body.  They spiral outward into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of your aura.  

 Blocked energy in your chakras can often lead to illness.  Stabilizing your chakras can help keep you psychologically and emotionally balanced. 

 It is important to understand what each chakra represents to gain a much deeper understanding of yourself.


Aromatherapy and crystal healing can help clear and strengthen these portals.   Our aroma-crystal-therapy chakra balancing collection contains therapeutic grade essential oils and energized crystals to enhance it’s purpose and raise it’s vibration.


How To Use

Anoint the chakra that needs your attention.  You can dab the potion on your pressure points; inner wrists, base of your ear, back of your neck, the crease in your forearm, behind your knees and under your foot to name a few.  Also, you can dab it under your nose for an on-the-go soul nourishing experience.




The Root Chakra is the foundation of the physical body.  It stimulates physical activity, exercise, action and vitality.  It assists us in keeping grounded and present.  This chakra influences our immune system, basic instincts, endurance and fight or flight reactions. It manages the body's survival needs; food, shelter, and protection.  Relationships influence the well-being of this chakra.

 If it is balanced, you feel grounded, stable, secure.  Negative emotions are more easily released, regenerating confidence and your will to move forward in life.  You feel encouraged to explore and find your life's purpose and achieve success.  A balanced root chakra also generates the flow of energy to all other chakras.

If you feel "stuck" and just can't seem to move forward in life, feel ungrounded, with a depleting sense of self, are having trouble making ends meet; always feel spaced-out, tend to be fearful or nervous, tired, and sick; have fear or control issues; have recently experienced traumatic events, family problems, death of a loved one, and major life changes, you may have an imbalance in the root chakra.

If this chakra is over-active, you may be very materialistic and greedy. You’re probably obsessed with being secure and resist change.

GROUNDING infused with Red Jasper

Patchouli - Abundance

Sandalwood - Grounding

Ginger - Courage

Lavender - Intuition

Orange - Rejuvenation

Vanilla - Comfort


Red Jasper is full of grounding energy connecting one deeply to the vibrations of the earth.  Some Native American cultures consider Red Jasper to symbolize the blood of the Earth, making it particularly sacred.  It helps you understand the connection between humans and nature.  Known as the “supreme nurturer”, it sustains and supports through times of stress, brings tranquility and wholeness. It encourages honesty with one's self. It provides courage to assertively tackle problems. It stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into action.




The Sacral Chakra the foundation of the emotional body.  It is the source of creativity and pleasure.  It governs our ability to feel and manage our emotions and experience sensations.  This chakra influences our sexuality and sensuality, intimacy and ability to be social with other people. It is related to abdomen, bladder, kidneys, digestion, reproduction and virility.

When it is balanced, your feelings flow freely, and are expressed without you being over-emotional. You are open to intimacy and you can be passionate and lively. You have no problems dealing with your sexuality.

If you find that you are often moody, tend to be stiff and unemotional, not open to people, seek to be alone, or are overly needy; if you have eating, drug, alcohol, or sexual issues; feel extremely lethargic and unmotivated for life, particularly exercise and sex, leading to sadness, loneliness, and mild depression;  having trouble conceiving a child, you may have a imbalance in this chakra.

If this chakra is over-active, you tend to be emotional all the time. You’ll feel emotionally attached to people and you can be very sexual.

PASSION infused with Carnelian

Jasmine - Euphoria

Bergamot - Confidence

Ylang Ylang - Aphrodisiac

Patchouli - Stimulating

Rose – Intimacy

Neroli - Sensuality


Carnelian brings vitality to our being and enhances our ability to attune with our inner-self. It helps restores our confidence, motivation and activates a sense of purpose. Carnelian incites courage and inspires one to make positive life changes. It is strongly known for building passion, sexuality and sensuality. It alleviates jealousy and possessiveness in relationships, and is helpful in overcoming sexual anxieties.




The Solar Plexus Chakra, right below the rib cage, is the foundation of the mental body.  It enables us to sense vibrations and essences of people, places and things.  It's our personal power center, where our sense of identity and confidence, our will, our ambition, our ability to manifest and prosper, and our personal drive are located.  It physically influences muscles, the stomach, digestion, the pancreas, the liver, gallbladder, metabolism, the immune system, the kidneys, and nervous system.

When it is balanced, you feel in control.  You are relaxed and comfortable in your own skin.  You feel centered in your mind, body, and spirit. 

When the Solar Plexus chakra is not balanced, you may feel very stressed all the time and powerless to gain control; feel apathetic, unable to improve your life or prosper; if you are prone to angry outbursts, are passive, easily dominated, or have ulcers or digestive issues.

If this chakra is over-active, you are domineering and probably even aggressive.


COURAGE infused with Red Aventurine

Frankincense - Courage

Chamomile - Revitalization

Sandalwood - Grounding

Grapefruit - Confidence

Rosemary - Clarity

Cedarwood - Perseverance

Lilly of the Valley - Security


Red Aventurine is a “can do” stone of vitality and renewal, creating confidence and capability wherever it is needed.  It is stone of manifestation through action. It re-vitalizes the body and helps focus its energy to get things done. It boosts vitality and mental alertness, and amplifies the desire to take on life’s challenges with determination and perseverance. It inspires creativity and renews excitement and confidence in bringing one’s projects, goals and desires into reality.




The Heart Chakra is in the center of the chest, just slightly above the heart.  This chakra bridges your physical body to your spiritual experiences.  It is all about love - experiencing it, feeling it, sharing it.  It governs forgiveness, compassion, empathy, trust and equilibrium.  The heart chakra helps us to get in touch with nature and connects us to the plant and animal world.  This chakra physically influences the lungs, the thymus, circulation, the endocrine and immune systems.

When it is balanced, you feel compassion, empathy, and forgiveness for others.  You are able to connect with the child-like world vision of beauty you were born with, generating adventure and zest for life.  Peace and harmony flourish in relationships with others and self. 

If the heart chakra becomes unbalanced, you may feel detached from the world around you; the people we love, love for ourselves, and love for the earth.  Problems in relationships heighten and we tend to lose hope.  We lose sight of beauty, love, empathy, and compassion.

If this chakra is over-active, you are suffocating people with your love and your love probably has quite selfish reasons.


HEART infused with Green Aventurine

Rose - Love
Chamomile - Compassion
Jasmine - Optimism
Lavender - Peace
Geranium - Harmony
Patchouli - Confidence


Green Aventurine, a comforter and heart healer that brings forth emotional calm guiding one towards inner harmony.  It has a gentle grounding effect on one’s vibrational field.  It calms nervousness, anger and irritation.  It quiets roving thoughts and enhances sleep. It assists in making decisions from the heart and bestowing the courage to live one's truth openly and proudly without worry of judgement.  It releases the notion that every event must be analyzed.




The Throat Chakra influences communication, artistic expression, authenticity, self-awareness, honesty and clairaudience.  Physically, it influences the mouth,  teeth, throat, thyroid gland and immune system.

When it is balanced it allows for free communication, an ease in articulating ideas, and a grounded, present ability and willingness to listen, both to ourselves and to others.  We are able to lovingly honor our boundaries when it is balanced.  It also helps us while we are meditating to connect with our higher guidance.

If you are afraid to speak up for yourself, you repress your feelings, you block your creative impulses, you ignore your intuition, or you experience frequent throat illnesses, you may have a throat chakra imbalance.

If this chakra is over-active, you tend to speak too much, usually to domineer and keep people at a distance.  And, you a bad listener.

CREATIVITY infused with Sodalite

Amber - Clarity

Sandalwood - Insight

Lavender - Calming

Cedarwood - Focus

Jasmine - Optimism


Sodalite is the crystal of self-expression and confidence.  It protects your ideas from others.  Sodalite is also tied to strengthening your confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.  It can help you achieve emotional balance, helping you to release old wounds and patterns that no longer serve you.




The Third Eye Chakra is found in the middle of the forehead.  It is the foundation of our psychic and cognitive (thinking) abilities.  It enables us to listen to and honor our intuition and imagination; to learn, visualize, focus and remember; and it also helps us determine the difference between fantasy and reality.  This chakra physically influences the eyes, vision, the nose, central nervous system, the brain, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. 

When the 3rd Eye Chakra is balanced, we have learned from our past and are present in the now.  We feel a deeper connection to the universal plan of our lives.

If you frequently experience brain fog, feel that your intuition is blocked, have trouble remembering things, struggle with anxiety or mental disorder, not very good at thinking for yourself, and you may tend to rely on authorities you may have a third eye imbalance.

If this chakra is over-active, you may live in a world of fantasy too much. In excessive cases hallucinations are possible.

INTUITION infused with Amethyst

Frankincense - Spirituality

Myrrh - Awakening

Violet - Purification

Geranium - Protection

Lavender - Elevation

Cedarwood - Empowerment


Amethyst, the stone of "spirituality and contentment".  It carries a high, sweet energy, particularly stimulating to the Third Eye. It is a quiet color, one of mystery and wisdom and judgment. It inspires spiritual development. It encourages bravery, wisdom and clarity while lifting your spirit. It protects you from over-indulgence and negative energy.




The Crown Chakra is situated at the top of the head.  It is the foundation of our spiritual body and links us to higher guidance, our own wisdom, memory, spirituality and the Divine.  It influences our ability to have faith, our spiritual beliefs, our philosophy, our perspective, our idealism and archetypal knowledge.  It is our connection to the Universe/God/Goddess/Spirit.  This chakra physically influences the cerebral cortex, the cerebrum, the central nervous system, the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and hormones related to them. 

When this chakra is balanced, we feel a deep, spiritual connection within ourselves, the universe, and God.  Energy entering and leaving the Crown facilitates our flow of positive energy with the other six chakras, and creates the outlook we perceive on life.  

If you have trouble making up your mind, are easily led or influenced by other people or belief systems, ignore your own spiritual needs, have memory problems, or have lost faith, you may have a crown chakra imbalance.

If this chakra is over-active, you are probably intellectualizing things too much. You may be addicted to spirituality and are probably ignoring your bodily needs.

ENLIGHTENMENT infused with Howlite

Amber - Insight

Sandalwood - Awareness

Frankincense - Spirituality

Myrrh - Awakening

Sage - Wisdom

Neroli - Manifestation


Howlite, best known for it's strong associations with self-awareness, creativity and improving one's emotional well-being and attitude. It is one of the "attunement stones" which links the user to a higher spiritual consciousness. It prepares the mind to receive wisdom through meditation slowly removing the veils blocking the truth.

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