BLISS Infused with Amethyst Crystal Aromatherapy Potion

BLISS Infused with Amethyst Crystal Aromatherapy Potion

 Mental Break
Stress Release


Lavender – peace and balance
Chamomile – tranquility and purification
Sandalwood – calming meditation
Cedarwood – comforting and relaxing

Amethyst is the well-known stone of “Spirituality and Contentment.” It has a soothing and relaxing effect on all people in its vicinity. It calms fears, lifts spirits, raises hope, helps to control negative thoughts as well as soothing anger and impatience. Amethyst can improve your psychic abilities and help you become more in tune with your inner-self. Placing some amethyst healing crystals under the bed ensures a good nights sleep. It will aid with lucid dreaming and assist with dream memory recall the next morning. It is great for headaches too.


Refresh, renew and restore balance with the healing power of aromatherapy and crystal healing. Get your soul-nourishing experience anywhere, anytime with the pocket size roll-on. The dropper makes it easy to energize your space with a Zen essence using your oil burner.

The crystals have been energized with the sun and the moon to enhance the purpose and raise the vibration.

Our potions contain 100% therapeutic grade essential oils blended with jojoba oil making it safe to put directly on your skin.

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