Mother Earth Connection: Tree Agate

Mother Earth Connection: Tree Agate

Tree Agate is a stone of inner peace and connection to nature.  This grounding stone brings one into alignment with oneness of the earth. Not just the individual’s connection to the earth but all that is of the earth and its great connection to everything and everyone else.

Tree agate has a vibration that makes it calming to the nerves, especially for those who don’t know the reason for their anxieties. It helps facilitate deeper meditation especially when that meditation is held in nature or is connected to nature somehow.




This stone will help those who feel lost on their journey rediscover they never were truly lost. Self-discovery rarely takes a direct line and so it can easily make one feel lost at times when we lost sight of that line. It also helps artists who want to better capture nature in her purest of forms. A must of sorts for those connected to the animals and especially the trees so that their true essence can be gathered onto a piece of art.

Being the stone of gratitude, it can create within the heart chakra, of the bearer, the ability to feel gratitude where it may have been hidden before. It can help one change bad times into challenges and chaos into possibilities for change. Whenever one can hold the tree agate long enough the heart connects and possibilities are endless.





Put Tree Agate in on your night stand to ensure that its healing and protective energies are close to your personal auric fields. Place it all around your home to boost the health of your house plants and to create a peaceful environment for everyone who resides there with you. Sit quietly with the stone and imagine breathing in Mother Nature’s healing and grounding energy vibrate all through your body.

A 5-minute grounding ritual with Moss Agate is also excellent for priming the mind-body-spirit for a crystal healing session. Stand quietly for a few minutes, ideally with your bare feet on the Earth, while holding a stone in your hand. Begin to visualize its pure Earth energy flowing through your arms and down into your legs, rooting your body to the ground like a strong and sturdy tree, the kind with heavy duty limbs that bend but never break.

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