Aromatherapy On-The-Go USB Diffuser Pod

Aromatherapy On-The-Go USB Diffuser Pod

  • $ 20.00

 This Diffuser Pod gives travel time a new meaning by adding a sense of serenity or stimulation anywhere and anytime.

This sleek pod-shaped diffuser is lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room and portable to take with you to the office.  We love to bring ours on trips to help us feel at home. 


Your diffuser comes with a 1 dram of 100% pure essential oil of your choice.  We highly recommend our FOCUS potion for your work space; it's great for mental stimulation and memory.  For the home, we recommend BLISS to enhance your Zen relaxation time to the maximum.  OSHUN is great to raise your vibration and lighten up your soul.

Lavender – peace and balance

Chamomile – tranquility and purification
Sandalwood – calming meditation
Vanilla – comforting and relaxing
Rosemary – enhances memory

Lemongrass – awareness
Eucalyptus – clarity
Cedarwood - empowering
Cypress – concentration 
Coconut – reduces stress

Jasmine - love

Honeysuckle - stimulation
Amber - inspiration
Nag Champa - harmony
Palo Santo - purification

This diffuser works best with 100% pure essential oil.  Simply begin with up to 8 drops.

The ScentPod diffuser will spread your aromatherapy potion throughout your home, car or office and cover up to 50 sq ft of space. 

Why Should You Diffuse?
Essential Oils have been shown to have a variety of positive effects mentally and physically. Diffusing gives you a way to deliver those oils into your system.  Whether it is for enhancing relaxation or boosting your focus, this diffuser will deliver those benefits with a spa-like atmosphere anywhere.

Includes 3 re-usable scent pads and a USB Adapter Cord.

Can be used with AA Batteries (not included)

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