Brass Bell: Expansion of Consciousness

Brass Bell: Expansion of Consciousness

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Bells have a deep symbolic meaning associated with the mind and the expansion of consciousness. The reverberation of the bell is used to help disengage the mind so that it becomes receptive.

The bell represents the mind’s ability to ascend conscious awareness and tap into the wisdom of our higher conscious – which is boundless. 
In Buddhism, the resonance of a bell signifies ‘pure wisdom’ because the sound is one of perfect harmony and clarity.


In Christianity, the bell is said to represent the ‘voice of God.’ In China and some other cultures, bells are rung to communicate with spirits. Buddhists, Hindus and the Russian Orthodox Church also say the sound of the bell directly addresses the deity.

These same religions also link superstitions to bells. You may have heard that ringing a bell protects you by warding off negativity.

The ‘voice of God/Goddess’ – your higher conscious – is always there with you. You just have to choose to listen. The next time you hear a bell ringing, ask your higher consciousness and get the right answer.


The sound of the bell helps create peace and inner calmness. Ringing a bell while walking around your house will help break the stagnant energy in your living space. The sound invites positive energy. Hanging a few bells at the entrance of your house introduces harmony, spirit and motion.

Bells are like the Voice of the Goddess.  When you ring one, it brings the Divine's attention to you.  And your attention to the Divine!  A bell with a lovely tone will call beautiful, healing energy to you. Bells can also be used to clear energy.  At the end of a ritual is a good time for this, but if unwanted energy crops up during a ritual, you can use the bell to disperse it.

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