Evil Eye Protective Talisman (Sterling Silver)

Evil Eye Protective Talisman (Sterling Silver)

The Evil Eye is a traditional and powerfully protective talisman widely recognized throughout the world.  Amongst various cultures, it is believed to deflect negativity directed towards the wearer and protects against harm.  


This sacred symbol keeps the same meaning no matter the country or the story.  If someone is thinking or wishing negatively towards you, it is believed that the evil eye will protect you from their ill intentions.



Evil Eye Talisman (Turkey) - .75 in diameter with Sterling Silver Chain


The term “evil eye” is spread throughout the world, and is known in many languages: 

  • mauvais œil in France

  • böser Blick in Germany

  • eayan alsharu in Arabic

  • char atchk in Armenian

  • aynore in Yiddish or ayin hara from Hebrew 

  • szemmelverés (eye beating) in Hungarian 

  • oko proroka (prophetic eyes) in Polish 

  • ondaögat in Swedish 

  • jettatura in Sicilian 

  • olho gordo (fat eyes) in Brazil or

  • olho mau in Portuguese

  • mal de ojo in Spanish 

  • droch shùil in Irish

  • mati in Greek


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