Forgiveness and Healing Heart Bracelet: Rhodonite (6mm)

Forgiveness and Healing Heart Bracelet: Rhodonite (6mm)


Forgiveness is like medicine for the heart

– you are doing it primarily for you.


If you are holding on to anger and blame, Rhodonite will help shift your perspective. 

Its gentle vibrations soothes your emotions so you can find true forgiveness.

Use this crystal to rescue your heart by freeing it from resentment and bitterness.

Employ it to help release the heavy energy that you have been storing deep inside.

Rhodonite will absorb these dense energies, leaving you free of their toxins and able to move forward without the negative emotions that were holding you back.


This stone wants you to trust that forgiveness is a gift that you offer to yourself by offering it to another. 

Once you’ve let go of the negative emotions, Rhodonite will help transform these feelings into positive ones, such as acceptance, love, and understanding. 

Choose forgiveness as a way to heal yourself.

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