Full Moon In Culebra, Puerto Rico :: Antonio Ocasio (Tribal Winds)

Full Moon In Culebra, Puerto Rico :: Antonio Ocasio (Tribal Winds)

Music has been medicine to humanity

from the beginning of life on earth.

It is the universal language that

soothes the savage beast,

inspires us to dig deep into our souls

and it brings us all closer together.

The musical vibrations of Antonio Ocasio’s Tribal Winds thrives off of an infectious breed of raw Afro-Latin Jazz and deep house music. The heavy percussion and conga rhythms naturally speak to Antonio’s ancestral roots.


The birth of TRIBAL WINDS came into fruition on January 1998. It was created by Antonio Ocasio so not to compromise producing the music that was part of his culture and upbringing. Since before its inception, Antonio knew he wanted to create a record label that would bring forth music with spiritual depth; Music that would move the music lover and dancer in the direction of feeling and dancing from within.


In addition to his label Antonio’s love and dedication to music has blessed him with opportunities to DJ worldwide. His years of experience as a Producer and DJ has led to a lethal combination of ingenious musicianship and aspiring productions. As a prominent storyteller, Antonio pays homage to his upbringing by spinning tales of musical tradition and experience, taking the dancer through peaks and valleys, building anticipation with every turn of the record.

The Tribal Winds logo is represented by The Taino Woman of Fertility, within a dream catcher. It symbolizes the birth and realization of a dream. It also represents Antonio’s continued love and ongoing growth with music.

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