Good Karma and Protection Tulsi Bead Necklace from India

The beads on this necklace come from a sacred tree in Vrindavana, India called Tulsi.  Sages and Yogis have been worn Tulsi necklaces since the beginning of time because they give spiritual benefit and protection.




Ancient Hindu wisdom dictates that one who wears these beads can become freed from all bad karma.  It is believed that the use of Tulsi beads, purifies the mind, body as well as the soul of a person.  It radiates positive vibes in the aura, helping get rid of all forms of negative energy including bad dreams and accidents.  It can also boost concentration.




  • brings peace of mind and reduces stress

  • increases the overall positivity

  • helps keep your mind on the meditation practice

  • wards off evil eye, accidents and bad dreams

  • instills power, strength, purification and peace in the body

  • beneficial for curing disease related to the throat

  • attracts good luck to the wearer



Tusli Bead Necklace (India) - 16" inches

Can be used as bracelet when double wrapped. 

All 3 necklaces can be interconnected to create a beautiful combination.

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