HEALING Infused with Unakite Crystal Aromatherapy Potion

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.
The challenge is to silence the mind." - Caroline Myss




You can learn to awaken and heal your Soul to access the inner powers you've lost or forgotten. The power of the Soul is passion, creativity, intuition and connection with the Divine. Regardless of which spiritual path or religion you follow you can access the power of your Soul to create a life worth living.  It all begins with releasing and letting go of the things holding us back.


Pine - Acceptance
Egyptian Musk - Strength
Patchouli - Stimulating
Amber - Balance


Unakite crystals help facilitate rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth. Its green and pinkish energies balances the heart chakra, lifting spirits when one is down, and helps to release pain and anger that one may have been having trouble letting go of.  It promotes patience and persistence, and gradually eliminates bad habits and the thoughts and patterns that perpetuate them. Unakite will help to keep the emotional body grounded and calm. 


Refresh, renew and restore balance with the healing power of aromatherapy and crystal healing. Get your soul-nourishing experience anywhere, anytime with the pocket size roll-on. The dropper makes it easy to energize your space with a Zen essence using your oil burner.

The crystals have been energized with the sun and the moon to enhance the purpose and raise the vibration.

Our potions contain 100% therapeutic grade essential oils blended with jojoba oil making it safe to put directly on your skin.

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