Adventure Bracelet: Mookaite Jasper

Adventure Bracelet: Mookaite Jasper

Embrace your sense of adventure and set your spirit free!

Challenges that you were once too intimidated to take on, become opportunities to strive. Trips that you put off and activities you’ve always wanted to try but never have, will finally go on the calendar. This zest for life comes from the way Mookaite helps you to see all of your options in life.  It has a calming energy that establishes an optimistic outlook.


mookaite bracelet


- Pushes you out of your comfort zone

- A crystal of victory, success, and skill

- Boosts self-worth to realize one’s fullest potential

- Inspires self-confidence built on fearlessness

- Strengthens the power to solidify new interests

- Influences an optimistic perspective

- Sharpens Your Intuition

- Re-Awakens Your Inner Spirit

- Provides healing, grounding and protective energy

- Balances the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras

- Speeds up your metabolism

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