Optimisim and Clarity: Opalite

Optimisim and Clarity: Opalite

Opalite is associated with youth and child-like wonder.  It helps you see life with optimism and curiosity. This stone is said to allow those who use it to understand how to go with the flow.  It casts out negativity with its positive and warm energy. 

For many people who have trouble getting their minds off of very serious and deep topics, Opalite reminds them to stay fun, cheery, and light-hearted.

Opalite is known to put heavy hearts at ease.  People who struggle with depression and other mental illnesses benefit from using this stone to relieve their sorrows.

This gem is used to assist in expression of emotions and realization of your actual self-worth.  A strong and encouraging emotional support for those with low in self-esteem.

Opalite is best for people struggling with negative feelings, stuck in a place of weakness or lacking willpower to go on during times of lengthy transitions.

It works well as a mood stabilizer and encourages restful sleep for a more refreshing tomorrow.

A mystical stone that has an incredible sheen in the light and the sun.




How to use:

Keeping this stone in your pocket will prevent you from becoming exhausted or fatigued. The energy from this stone will flow directly into your body, waking you up from the inside out. Opalite will also allow you to stay on task and be persistent. It won’t let you get mentally distracted.

During meditation, you can place your Opalite crystal over the chakra on which you would like to focus.  For example, place it over your third eye to help clear your mind and tap into your creativity.

You can also experience Opalite’s benefits simply by being in the same room with it.  So consider keeping some Opalite in places where you tend to make important decisions.  Here, it will diffuse negative energies and facilitate clarity of mind.

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