PODEROSA Infused with Tiger Eye Aromatherapy Potion

PODEROSA Infused with Tiger Eye Aromatherapy Potion

PODEROSA means "Powerful Woman" in Spanish

It is the essence of manifestation, success, focus, determination, power and faith in one's self.


Sandalwood - Creativity, Wisdom, Protection
Rosemary - Clarity, Energy, Self-Confidence
Sage - Intuition, Balance, Relaxation
Lotus - Helps Connect to Spirit Guides


With a Choice of 2 Essences


Gardenia – Peace, Harmony, Stress-Relief

Lilly of valley
Lilly of the Valley – Peace, Calming, Comforting

This powerful potion is infused with Tiger’s Eye, the stone of courage, wisdom, abundance, willpower and protection. Manifesting prosperity sometimes has to do with practicality, integrity and determination and this is what Tiger’s Eye emphasizes It helps those who are feeling unfocused, drained, who procrastinate, and who are easily distracted. It stimulates self-discipline; to accomplish tasks that contribute to the well-being of ourselves and others; to stand true to our word, and to align our thoughts, words and actions. It protects one’s resources and reflects back malice from others like a boomerang.

tiger eye

Refresh, renew and restore balance with the healing power of aromatherapy and crystal healing. Get your soul-nourishing experience anywhere, anytime with the pocket size roll-on. The dropper makes it easy to energize your space with a Zen essence using your oil burner.

The crystals have been energized with the sun and the moon to enhance the purpose and raise the vibration.

Our potions contain 100% therapeutic grade essential oils blended with jojoba oil making it safe to put directly on your skin.


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