Protection and Grounding: Dragon’s Blood Sage Smudge Stick

Protection and Grounding: Dragon’s Blood Sage Smudge Stick

Since ancient times, our ancestors have burned sacred herbs and resins, believing the sacred smoke to raise vibrations, dispel negativity, and assist with spiritual work. Today, we know this process as smudging, and it remains a critical first step in any sacred ritual.




This gorgeous bundle is made from white sage that has been treated with dragon’s blood resin. White sage has been used in ceremony for centuries to purify spaces and remove negative energy. Dragon’s blood adds a powerful sense of protection in ritual. The combination of dragon’s blood with white sage makes this smudge bundle an extra potent tool to add to your magical arsenal! Work with it to remove negative energy and stay grounded and protected.




Dragon’s Blood resonates with the element of fire and brings a wonderful sense of grounding and protection. It’s a powerhouse against negativity and will amplify your magical workings. Dragon’s blood enhances tenacity, heals, protects, and is excellent for clearing energies.




White sage is a sacred herb that’s been used for centuries by elders to clear and consecrate space. The smoke of ceremonial white sage, in particular, is said to draw positive spirits and discourage the presence of any unwanted energy. Most people find the scent grounding and centering.

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