Red Jasper: Grounding and Take Action Hand Wired Pendant

Red Jasper: Grounding and Take Action Hand Wired Pendant

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"I am open to all that is around me and all that is within me."

Red Jasper is a powerful gemstone of protection and stability.  It inspires a positive attitude, increasing your motivation and energy level to encourage you to take action in your life.  

Red Jasper crystal is full of grounding energy connecting one deeply to the vibrations of the earth. Some Native American cultures consider Red Jasper to symbolize the blood of the Earth, making it particularly sacred.  It helps you understand the connection between humans and nature.  Known as the “supreme nurturer”, it sustains and supports through times of stress, brings tranquility and wholeness.  It encourages honesty with one’s self.

Everything_Soulful_red jasper_pendant

Chakra: Root Chakra
Element: Fire
Astrology: Aries, Scorpio, Virgo
Energy: Projective
Planets: Pluto, Mercury, Mars

Red Jasper rectifies unjust situations and grounds energy.  It brings problems to light and provides insights into difficult situations.  An excellent “worry bead”, Red Jasper calms the emotions.  It aids in dream recall.  Cleans and stabilizes the aura.  A stone of health, Red Jasper strengthens and detoxifies the circulatory system, blood and liver.

Wearing this pendant to boost your energy, vitality and perseverance when it is running particularly low. It will provide courage to assertively tackle problems and stimulate your imagination to transforms ideas into action. 

Everything_Soulful_red jasper_pendant

This stone has been energized with the sun and the moon.  The pieces in this collection are one-of-a-kind.  They are carefully wrapped by hand by our personal Astrologer, Jasmine Gonzalez with healing and loving energy from her hands to yours.

Please specify your choice of 20" or 24" chain in the note when placing your order.

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