Sodalite: Knowledge and Creativity Hand Wrapped Pendant

"I am guided by logic and intuition."

Sodalite is a truth stone, it helps bring about emotional honesty and authenticity.  It can help end arguments and heal communications issues.  This stone helps you to think rationally and intuitively and to verbally communicate your thoughts both truthfully and in a calm and relaxed manner. 


It is said to increase intelligence and heighten a person’s ability to learn.  Popular with artists, Sodalite has long been thought to promote inspiration and creativity, making it an ideal companion stone for painters, singers, musicians, sculptors, writers and anyone else working within the artistic arena.  Not only does it inspire creativity, but sodalite is said to be extra lucky for those working with verbal or written expression which is associated with the Throat Chakra.  It is great for work, school and public speaking.

Chakras - Throat, Third Eye
Zodiac - Sagittarius
Planet – Jupiter, Moon
Element – Water, Air
Deities: Ardhanarishvara, Venus
Powers: Creativity, Meditation, Knowledge, Dream Work, Intuition

Sodalite has a harmonizing energy, and it’s said that it can bring inner peace to the bearer.  It’s been recommended that it be worn as jewelry or carried in a pocket, and even kept in the busiest rooms of your home to maintain a peaceful flow of energy.

 Sodalite is also associated the Third Eye Chakra helping you develop your intuition and inner wisdom; assisting one to find their ‘true self’.  Other stones are known to simply open up the inner doorway to the universal psychic plane, sometimes overwhelming one’s psyche.  Sodalite opens this doorway gently, easing it open, allowing one to accept and absorb the knowledge without being overwhelmed. Thus allowing one to begin working with the new information and abilities easier than if they came upon suddenly.


This stone has been energized with the sun and the moon.  The pieces in this collection are one-of-a-kind.  They are carefully wrapped by hand by our personal Astrologer, Jasmine Gonzalez with healing and loving energy from her hands to yours.

Please specify your choice of 20" or 24" chain in the note when placing your order.

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