Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablet for Our Smudge Cleansing Mixes

Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablet for Our Smudge Cleansing Mixes

Swift-Lite charcoal tablets are our recommended charcoal to use with our herbal and resin smudge mixes. These tables are extremely high quality - ensuring an even burn without excessive sparks or smoke.

Each tablet burns for approximately 40 minutes.

Hint: snap a tablet in two and only burn half at a time, to make your coals last longer!




Hold the disc with tongs, light the other end, and let it spark through to the other side. Once it is finished sparking, carefully place it on top of the sand that you’ve already filled your cauldron or heat proof dish. Let it sit until the disc is white and grey, ashy all over. Then you can add pinches of your resins and dried herbs.




Do not attempt to touch the tablet with your hand once it has been lit, or to hold it in your hand while lighting, as it will cause a burn. 

Do not dispose of in a waste paper bin as this may cause a fire. If you need to extinguish your tablet before it has completely burned out, use tongs or other heat proof glove to submerge it in water. 

Do not leave unattended.  Not intended for children.

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