Unakite: Cleansing and Releasing Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant

Unakite: Cleansing and Releasing Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant

“I am here to flourish”

Unakite helps smudge your personal energy as it facilitates rebirthing, gently releasing bad habits that inhibit personal growth. Use it to build self-confidence, as it strengthens courage, assisting one in taking control. It helps transform anger and fear into positive constructive energies like love and compassion for oneself.

Unakite: The Stone of Cleansing - Tumbled

It balances emotions by providing grounding energy when needed.   It’s calming effect can bring a peaceful influence to any environment, and is great for the workplace or the home, sending out peaceful vibes to all those nearby.

Unakite is a stone of vision as it activates the Third Eye Chakra to receive spiritual insight from higher realms.  Its pink and green energetic vibration soothes the heart chakra during meditation, lifting spirits when one is down and helps to let go of deep-seated emotions in a slow and gentle way.


Chakras - Third Eye
, Heart
Zodiac - Scorpio
Planet – Mars & Venus
Element – Fire & Water
Dieties - Gaia, Persephone
Powers - Clarity, Transformation

Unakite is a remarkable talisman for cutting down or quitting smoking, and for overcoming other long-standing addictions such as overeating or the over-consumption of alcohol or drugs. Over time, it removes harmful toxins and energies from the system on a deep cellular level, and helps release emotional triggers that perpetuate the behavior. 


This stone has been energized with the sun and the moon.  The pieces in this collection are one-of-a-kind.  They are carefully wrapped by hand by our personal Astrologer, Jasmine Gonzalez with healing and loving energy from her hands to yours.

Please specify your choice of 20" or 24" chain in the note when placing your order.

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