Wisdom and Focus Pendant: Lapis Lazuli (Sterling Silver)

Wisdom and Focus Pendant: Lapis Lazuli (Sterling Silver)

Lapis Lazuli Stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding.

Aids the process of learning and enhances memory

Activates the higher mind and enhances intellectual ability

Inspires you tap into your inner wisdom

Helps uncover your authentic truth and spiritual path

Assists your journey of self-discovery and self-mastery




Helps you see the magic in the universe

Awakens the third eye chakra

great for migraines and headaches 

Encourages you to trust your intuition 

 Helps you go deeper in your meditation

Deepens your connection with your divine purpose

Carries you down the path to spiritual enlightenment

Protects against psychic attacks

Assists one to speak one’s truth

Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity



Lapis Lazuli (Chile) - .75" - 1" in

Sterling Silver Chain - 20" in


Activate your crystal pendant by whispering your wishes and desires into the crystal.  Learn about your stone's healing properties and incorporate them into your needs.  Place it by the window sill during the full moon to energize it and in the flow of smoke to cleanse it.  You can use sage, incense, herbs for this.  Wear it often, while being conscious of its power to develop a deep connection to it.

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