Lapis Lazuli: Inner Wisdom and Spiritual Enlightenment

Lapis Lazuli: Inner Wisdom and Spiritual Enlightenment

Your spirit may be drawn toward a Lapis Lazuli stone if you are seeking awareness of the soul and your spiritual purpose in life. This stone helps you tap into your inner wisdom to uncover your authentic truth and spiritual path.

There is a magic about lapis lazuli.  Its gold specks of pyrite give it the power of illumination.  It helps you to see the magic in the universe.  Its sapphire blue coloration represents self-expression and awareness.  It awakens the third eye chakra to help you connect to and trust your inner knowing.




This wisdom filled crystal helps you realize that you already have all the answers you seek within.  It encourages you to trust your intuition to further your journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.  Its link to the third eye chakra helps you go deeper into your meditation.

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Venus
Deities: Isis, Venus, Nuit, Maat
Powers:  Inner Truth, Manifestation, Self-Confidence

Chakras: Throat Chakra, Third Eye




Through deepening your connection to the self and your divine purpose, lapis lazuli carries you down the path to spiritual enlightenment.  It invokes spiritual transformation and bridges the gap between the physical world and the spiritual realm, helping you understand your connection to the two. 

This can also be used for protection against psychic attacks,  quickly releasing stress and bringing deep peace.   It helps provide honesty, compassion and morality to the personality.  Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity.  Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one’s truth and inspires confidence.  It bonds relationships, aiding in expression of feelings and emotions.




Lapis Lazuli is an ideal remedy for migraines and headaches by putting it close to your forehead to extract negative energy.  Meditate with your stone for 11 minutes to tap into your inner wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli needs to be recharged under the light of the stars.

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