Selenite: Clarity and Awareness

Selenite: Clarity and Awareness

The name selenite comes from the Greek word Selene, meaning moon.

Selenite boosts mental clarity and opens the door to your intuition.  It has the capacity to calm the mind, to bring the soul to peace. 

It is a stone of powerful intuition through its influence on the third eye and crown chakra. 


It is a calming stone that instills deep peace; excellent for spiritual work. Meditations become sparkling clear over time when working with selenite and it brings a lucidity to your spiritual understanding of the universe and your place in it.  It assists judgement and insight.  It clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture.

It is said to be a powerful crystal of psychic communication.  It will aid in interaction with one’s wise ancestors, angels and spirit guides as well as loved ones that have gone beyond. 

Selenite can be used to dispel negativity, both on an emotional and an etheric level. This makes it a good stone for protection.  A stone of truth, it promotes good business practices as well as honesty in all types of relationships.

This crystal is associated with the moon - it relates to energies of the unconscious, instinct, subconscious, and emotional well-being. 

Selenite is also excellent for enhancing the properties of other stones and for clearing and charging them. 


 - expands self awareness

- sharpens your senses

- opens the crown chakra

- tunes you to higher guidance

- used to access past and future lives

- instills deep peace

- excellent for spiritual work

- assists judgement and insight

- helps clear confusion

- aids in seeing the deeper picture


HOW TO USE: To cleanse your aura, use this wand like an eraser. Comb the crystal up and down your body, visualizing it sucking all the negativity, anxiety and worries from your day away. Start from your head, moving to the bottom of your feet, about 5 inches away from the body This energy clearing technique helps to cleanse and purify your aura, making sure that you don’t pick up on other peoples’ energy and unwanted “stuff”


Please Note: Selenite crystals often form as seawater evaporates. As they become heavier, these crystals sink to the bottom of the sea bed. Strangely enough Selenite can be permanently damage if exposed to water, so do not cleanse or emerse it in water for any reason.

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