Cleansing and Protection Bracelet: Shungite (4mm)

Cleansing and Protection Bracelet: Shungite (4mm)

Its detoxifying and grounding energy makes Shungite a powerful stone to use when you have a heavy work load or in meditation.  This earthly gem benefits your performance by helping you to focus.

Through reducing stress and relieving anxiety, Shungite can calm the mind of worry flurries, and give it the clarity needed for productive work. It also significantly enhances energy, which you can direct toward grounded concentration and a more positive outlook. Shungite rejuvenates and balances the spirit.

Whether you’re holding it or meditating with it, the Shungite benefits work with your root chakra to support and raise your entire spiritual being from the ground up. This provides balance between the left and right sides of the body, and harmony between chakras.



As a neutralizer, it will also block out the negative energy that comes from outside sources.  People who act as energy vampires, draining you of your life zest, won’t have that effect when you have this stone in your possession. The energy is so strong, it counteracts their vibes with equally powerful positivity to neutralize their influence on your energy.

If you're looking to cut energy vampires out of your life, enhance creativity or bring abundance into your business, you can use crystals specific to those goals in tandem with Shungite for added efficacy and protection in the process.

Shungite benefits are all about taking things to the next level.  Working with it allows you the opportunity to invest in yourself and ask what it is that you’d like to enhance.  With this miracle stone in hand, the possibilities are limitless.


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