Magic Pendant: Labradorite (Oval Sterling Silver)

Magic Pendant: Labradorite (Oval Sterling Silver)

Labradorite stimulates intuition and psychic gifts

Awakens innate mystical powers

Helps you develop the art of divine timing

Expand your spiritual awareness

Raises your higher consciousness to receive messages

Connects you with universal / earth energy

Deflects negative energy from your aura

Supports through transformational life changes

Strengthens your willpower and confidence

Encourages you to follow your inspiration

Protects against negative energy, especially jealousy

Activates your Third Eye and Throat Chakra

Reminds you that every day holds new magic to be discovered

 Magic Sterling Silver Pendant

Labradorite (Brazil): 1.3" inch dia
Sterling Silver Necklace: 20" inches


 Activate your pendant by whispering your wishes and desires into the crystal.  Learn about your stone's healing properties and incorporate them into your needs.  Place it by the window sill during the full moon to energize it and in the flow of smoke to cleanse it.  You can use sage, incense, herbs for this.  Wear it often, while being conscious of its power to develop a deep connection to it.

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