In-Tune with the Crescent Moon: Lunar Energy Pendant

In-Tune with the Crescent Moon: Lunar Energy Pendant

I am the moon and the moon is me… Humans, especially women, have long had a profound connection to the moon.  We crave its attention, its' guidance, and its' mystic properties.  We yearn for it, the same way others yearn for the welcoming warmth of daylight.  We feel powerful under it — gaining energy and strength from her presence.



Living life in keeping with the lunar phases has a special meaning to women: As we are emotionally and, perhaps, physically, following the same phases.  As the moon needs to recede, withdraw, and renew each month, so do we.  We travel across different emotional states the same way the moon travels around the Earth.

The more attuned we are to these phases and how they affect us, the better we can harness the different energies, rather than wasting more energy fighting against them.



Intention, Hopes, and Wishes.  After recharging under the new moon, your intentions and desires are ready to be planted.  This is when you should be developing your intentions, burying crystals, writing checks to the universe, and laying the mental groundwork for your next project.


Surrender, Rest, Recuperate. You may feel empty during this time. You’ve gone through an entire moon cycle and things have come and gone — willingly or not. You are now getting ready to prepare for a new cycle and there is nothing wrong with resetting intentions — however, not during this moon.  Right now just relax and surrender to the universe.  Some things will always be out of your control and fate must take its course.


Sterling Silver Crescent Moon, 15.5x15mm

Wearable at 16 or 18 inches with spring ring clasp

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