Soulful Space Cleansing Herbal and Resin Mini-Market

We have chosen some of the most traditional smudging herbs and resins for you to get creative!  We recommend you mix and match as many as you would like.  Always remember to trust your intuition. 

Hint: 2 herbs usually go very well with one kind of resin.   Happy Mixing!


The use of dried herbs and resin for smudging is an Indigenous practice. The shamans use it in their fires as a ritual of calling upon ancestral spirits.  Conflict, anger, illness or evil is absorbed by the smoke and cleansed from the energy field of a person or space. 

Smudging your sacred space is like receiving an energetic shower or a deep metaphysical cleansing.  The smoke actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing any negativity that has been left behind.


Smudging is ritual alchemy — changing and shifting the air element, and transforming our current experience to a mystical one.


Sage, historically used by Native Americans and now used worldwide in traditional energy-cleansing ceremonies. It transform the negative energy into positive energy.  It summons courage, wards off jealousy, increases mental acuity and attracts prosperity.


The ancient Egyptians used myrrh for healing, as well as spiritual rituals.  It not only helps to maintain a state of enlightenment, but also clears negative energy and illusions that stand in the way of seeing the truth.  It also helps you stay present and not worry about the future.


Cedar is first and foremost a medicine of protection.  It is often used to cleanse a home when first moving in, inviting unwanted spirits to leave and protecting a person, place or object from unwanted influences.  Cedar is often used in sweat lodge ceremonies. 


Chamomile carries sun energy making it a perfect herbal anti-depressant.  It encourages a general feeling of well-being and tranquility.  It is used to purify the air and keep negative energy away.  The scent is said to help bring understanding in confusion.


Copal is the resin of the Aztecs and the Mayans.  It encourages pure thoughts during meditation, strengthens the auric body and purifies the energy of places, spaces and objects.  Used for spiritual cleansing and to connect to Spirit.


Lemongrass is highly recommended for times when the emotions are embedded in misery and in need to overcome it.  It is potent anti-depressant that can always be relied upon to improve your mood.  This herb helps increase, clarify, and sweeten communication between people.  Used for cleansing, purifying, removing obstacles and opening doors.


Lavender helps lift the weight of depression and sadness from your aura.  It brings emotional balance to the psyche and safeguards against negativity.  It possesses vibrational energy that is comforting and nurturing.  It helps with insomnia, depression, grief, sorrow and anxiety. 


Yerba Santa leaves are considered sacred in Native American and Spanish cultures. Traditionally used for protection and setting boundaries.  It is used for healing, spiritual strength, courage, psychic abilities, and finding your innermost self.   It is also used for love, purification, growth, empowerment and beauty, and the release of emotional pain stored in the heart chakra.


Frankincense produces a heightened spiritual awareness.  It works as an effective antidepressant and relieves stress.  Enhances intuition, clairvoyance and is ideal to use before meditation.  Also used for protection and purification.


Eucalyptus is used to bring fresh energy to a situation, to heal regrets and worries, and to relieve mental exhaustion.  It is an excellent herb to use when someone or something is bothering you.  Eucalyptus gently creates a barrier without attacking or constraining others.


Juniper Berry awakens the spirit and dusts off negative thoughts that have settled within the mind.  It acts as a sort of spring cleaning for the soul.  Great to use when you are feeling energetically depleted, dull or unmotivated.  Promotes a safe, protective, positive, healing space when the negative energy is removed.  Juniper berries are energetically and physically detoxifying as well as centering. 


Three Kings resin is produced from an ancient recipe combining frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and benzoin.  This mixture is used during ceremonies in churches and temples.  Three Kings resin is known for spiritual growth, meditation, prayer and tranquility.  Some even use it to draw prosperity to the home.


Patchouli’s enchanting sweet and earthy scent is a popular ingredient used to draw in money, offer protection, defend against negative energies or evil intent.  It holds true in the spiritual power of releasing addictions or banishing harmful people from one's life. Patchouli is tied to the Earth element as well, bringing great grounding frequencies and enhancing focus, which is why it makes for such a great manifesting tool.  It is considered a relaxing aphrodisiac, and can be helpful for those with impotence, frigidity, and sexual anxiety that are products of mental anguish.



Mugwort radiates with feminine energy. It is a protector of women and aids those of any gender or identity to connect with their intuition, sensitivity, and compassion. Mugwort can open your heart and mind to be more empathetic and patient. Mugwort can help to release stress and anxiety. It is also a go-to herb to relieve emotional pain caused by grief, heartbreak, and loss. 

Mugwort helps to release the wild, untamed self- helping to open the third-eye chakra. Mugwort amplifies psychic vision and may induce prophetic dreams.  It is an excellent herb to use in lunar magick as it excels in the Lunar realm of divination and dreams. Carry a piece of the dried herb on you at all times to increase your natural clairvoyant abilities. 


Things you need:

Charcoal tablets and something to burn it in.


Recommended Burners:





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