White Aventurine: Self-Reflection and Clarity Bracelet

White Aventurine: Self-Reflection and Clarity Bracelet

The sparkling mica inclusions within white aventurine are said to mirror the soul. By virtue of its reflective traits, one can see and know the truth of each person they meet, and can love them with integrity just the same. It provides clarity; it enables you to understand the meaning of dreams and visions, and it enables you to define issues within you and intelligently resolve them. As well, it helps you to make your point known, and to understand more fully and clearly what others are saying to you.

White aventurine helps you to connect with the divine feminine, alleviates insomnia, enhances fertility, and emanates energies of peace. It guides us to make choices that are morally apt, encourages sincerity; and as it draws such positive energies, it is effective to use as protection - especially during spiritual journeys. This stone also tempers one with humility, eliminates phobias and fears, and allows one to see each opportunity as being full of potential.

White aventurine enhances stability; when combined with pink aventurine, which contains hematite, it can be used to form a grid to add stability to circumstances where it's lacking, or to tame down volatile situations. This stone relates to all chakras as white contains all colors; it especially resonates with the crown chakra and higher.

In physical healing, white aventurine addresses issues relative to all chakras, and especially those relative to the crown chakra, including that it helps to stabilize the emotions, can help with depression, headaches, and targets right eye issues and the pineal gland.

This White Aventurine Chan Luu style Bracelet is wrapped in a black cord, will wrap around the wrist 2 or 3 times and adjust to various wrist sizes. 

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